Container Lashing Services

Techno Service specializes in lashing and securing of loose/palletized cargo in containers to prevent any kind of damage during transit.

Our packaging experts can design or redesign a perfect package to fit your needs. We can design packaging for your new product from the start or redesign an existing package which is not working technically or cost wise. We can also repack existing packages which are damaged or have to be rebranded.

Techno Service manufactures a wide range of timber/wood packing products, right from small packets/boxes/ crates to huge shipping containers. The boxes can be designed for multiple handling with forklifts, cranes, trollies etc. and can be manufactured from different types of wood, plywood, OSB etc. with heat treatment and fumigation as per the specific needs of the customer. We offer a wide range of green packing solutions. The in-house availability of a wide range of packaging materials gives us numerous options to customize your requirements.