Maritime Transport

Shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective method of international transportation of goods, providing a dependable, low-cost means of transporting goods globally.

We can calculate expenses and costs of your cargo multimodal transportation to help you budget money properly. Our dedicated team has put together a comprehensive stuff guide that details best practice when it comes to packing your container. We can arrange the loading, lashing and securing of the out-of-gauge cargo at your origin port or nearby depots (providing the origin port is capable of loading the cargo in the first place):

Containerized shipments are the most convenient and economical way of moving your goods across the World. Containers most commonly used are available in the following sizes:

  • 20/40 ft standard
  • 40 ft High Cube
  • 20/40 ft open top
  • 20/40 ft flat rack
  • 45 ft High Cube

Vessel Chartering – Customized Shipments that Meet Your Needs. For larger cargo such as minerals, metals, grains, plastic etc. a vessel can be arranged for customized shipments to be delivered to our customer’s desired destination. We will make every arrangement and have an agent at the port of loading as well as the discharge destination to ensure that all shipments are handled as per our customers’ requirements.

Larger or specialized equipment such as agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, buses, trailers or larger boats are shipped on car carrier vessels commonly called ROLL ON / ROLL OFF vessels. These vessels guarantee dry, under roof and never exposed to sea or salt shipments for your cargo.

Our professional team will make every effort to guide you in detail through every step of the shipping process!