Seaport & Onboard Lashing Services

  • Our mobile specialists are trained to take care of your cargo and to use all available materials to professionally secure it wherever it is.
  • In case your cargo does not fit within the regular container dimensions and is too wide, too high or too long, a flat rack container is used. Your cargo can also be professionally lashed and secured, often by the use of lashing eyes, tension levers or by placing stanchions. Moreover, your cargo can be appropriately covered and secured by the use of tarpaulins.
  • In case your cargo does not fit within the regular container or flat rack dimensions, we have the expertise to secure your break-bulk cargo for any form of transport.
  • Welding work is often carried out in order to provide more fastening and/or bracing points. This welding work is provided by our professional and mobile welding teams, who are always there to assist you. The burning loose of stoppers, cutting, gouging are part of our daily activities.
  • Securing cargo can be done in many different ways. The techniques and methods used to secure cargoes depend on the size, weight and condition of the packaging.
  • Crane operations, transferring cargo off a barge onto a ship, or from a ship alongside the quay, using jacks and crawlers for the purpose of moving oversized pieces, handling the project from scratch to finish, including the dismantling, the transfer, the reassembly on a new site – to professionally carry out these activities, we have a wide-ranging and immediately-available stock of materials and advanced tools.
  • To prevent damage during all forms of transport is always our main goal.

Many projects are handled by our professional team on Centrum Cargo Terminal, which is located only 1 nautical mile from the railway station. This gives the terminal a significant competitive edge compared to the other terminals.

This terminal is perfect for multimodal and heavy cargo transports – handling by railway or truck.

The total open storage area of Centrum Cargo Terminal is 500 square meters. It  is  perfectly  suited  to  loading,  unloading  and  transshipment  of  many types of cargo. In the near future, the warehousing space will be extended by up to 300 square meters.